Dr Sketchy at the Bluecoat

I was going to watch my mate do her stand-up at Envi tonight but that’s not going ahead now (well the event is but I’m not going). Therefore on a whim, and somewhat weirdly, I’m off to The Bluecoat to draw nudey ladies as they gyrate around on stage. That’s right! Well, burlesque performers I should say. It began in New York and it’s been over here for a while now but the Liverpool one is relatively new. It starts at 3pm today and I’m going straight after I finish work. They have art materials to buy in case you forget your own and some stalls selling bits and bobs (presumably vintage style stuff in keeping with the theme). I’m going to feel a bit of a weirdo going by myself but I’ve always fancied taking part in a life drawing class (doing the drawing that is!) and it seems I keep being drawn back to the Bluecoat to observe nudies anyway (see previous blogs)so I may as well embrace it I guess. Besides, they may have some kind of under-garments on, I’m not sure. Anyway, I’ll let you know how that went and perhaps show you what I drew!

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