But is it art…..?

In my case, no.

Hello!  Going to tell you about Dr. Sketchy art classes at the Bluecoat.

This alternative life drawing class has only just come to Liverpool, having been established yonks ago in New York. It mixes a bit of burlesque cabaret with boozing, drawing competitions and a bit of retail therapy in the form of some stalls selling amongst other things, extravagantly themed nipple tassels (cats faces, anyone?) and vintage style trinkets. Quite an overwhelmingly comprehensive evening for those looking for something a bit different to do-and speaking as a wannabe prude, I’m pleased to report only harmless levels of smuttiness-more of a suggestion really. Read on…

This evening was hosted by the lovely Miss Diva Hollywood (of course!) who was resplendent (and roasting, I’ll guess) in a PVC prom dress. Already I was beginning to see the parallels between burlesque and drag, in the nicest possible way, which is essentially over the top glamour with a comedy element. Despite the whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ from the audience, it was all a bit tongue in cheek as you’d frankly see more at the beach I’d say.

What kind of folk did it attract, Kristal? I hear you ask. Well, bit of a mixed bag really-equal girls and boys – mostly friends who’d come together to mock each other’s artisic skills and drink wine. Then of course lots of ‘proper’ artists with massive sketch pads and more serious expressions.

The evening was in three parts-in each part: a burlesque performance from one of the three guest performers in attendance, after which they would pose for us to draw them (for five, ten or twenty minutes,  to a soundtrack of Calypso music or Serge Gainsbourg tunes which seemed fitting) and then a competition at the end where we would all hold our drawings up for the model to judge and win prizes.

The burlesque performances ranged, as they say, from the sublime to the ridiculous:

Parma Violet, a diminutive yet curvy lady, came on dressed as a bearded gnome and then stripped down to her bejewelled undies. That was weird.

Missy Malone performed the more traditional routine the likes of Dita Von Teese –She posed in various ways in a range of (un)dress including the kind of nurse you probably wouldn’t meet working in the Royal (forgive my slightly scary rendering, below-she’s meant to be snapping on a rubber glove there, not flicking the bird). Meanwhile in the background they played scenes from Carry On Matron just to drive the point home…

Velma Von BonBon who was dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo posed reclining nonchalantly whilst being tied up by a baddie (who I drew too big and didn’t have room for his head). Trust me, after a couple of hours the weirdness wears off and you just draw it.

So in summary, I had a lot of fun. It felt a bit long…three hours is a long time to concentrate for and I did emerge with the mother of all headaches.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure and to get an idea of what you’d be expected to draw, I’ve included a Tony Hart-style gallery of my etchings for you to stroke your chin at. And yes, I’ve not drawn in the hands or faces because like most people, I can’t do them. Don’t think I’ll be paying a visit to the picture framers any time soon. You can see what they’re meant to represent here…

Finally, they do occasionally get boys to pose at these things, in case you were wondering. Mr Sketchy is back on in Novemeber at the Bluecoat. Check the events page of their website for more info….

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3 responses to “But is it art…..?”

  1. Paul Argent says :

    This sounds like an arty stripshow pandering to the worst excesses of base emotions and the lowest expression of the human form….can’t wait for the next show!!!!

  2. Kristal says :

    yeah…pretty much! :)

  3. Diva Hollywood says :

    Hi Kristal
    glad you enjoyed yourself honey. The next one will be shorter we agree it was too long. We will have men posing at the next one the lovely and talented Mat Fraser. We are doing a special with Dada on the 21st of November at the Bluecoat. So hope to see you all there.
    Diva x
    p.s the dress was rubber

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