Liverpool Biennial – In the Artists Own Words

The Liverpool Biennial International Exhibition of Contemporary Art launched the press day today 16th September.

Rather than do a long wordy blog I have inserted a few interviews that I conducted with the artists themselves by way of a preview. My fellow Champs and I will be covering individual exhibitions and works in more detail over the coming few weeks but the videos inserted below give an insight into what is going on from the horses mouth.

The first thing I would say however is that the range and number of exhibits is incredible (many hundreds) and would take the full length of the Biennial to see all of them. A must see so far is the re-creation of the LFC dressing room by Daniel Bozhkov at The Bluecoat (interview inserted here) and the Caravan Gallery also at The Bluecoat is bound to be popular with the indigenous Liverpool audience as it is a photographic exhibition of the city done in such a way as to be really a piece of social history.

The John Moores Painting Prize was also awarded today and an iterview with the winner Keith Coventry is inserted also. I preferred the piece by Nicholas Middleton but Keith was a worthy winner nontheless and his painting will fit with the other iconographic images already in The Walker. Go for yourself and decide who you would award the prize to!

Anyway…….enjoy the biggest and best arts festival in Europe here on our doorstep until 28th November 2010.

Click on the links below to access the You Tube interviews.

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