Biennial, Liverpool.

It’s not just in the city center that the Biennial is happening. I went to a meeting today in Anfield. Liverpool biennial has invited Dutch artist,Jeanne van Heeswijk to work with a group of young people from the Anfield/Breckfield area. Titled,TWO UP,TWO DOWN, it takes its name from the terraced housing typical of the area. This is an ongoing two-year project culminating in the Liverpool Biennial 2012.  It promises to be an exciting art project Jeanne has the ideas and the vision the local people involved have the good of the neighbourhood at heart it could be a great partnership which includes Franny George ,Anfield Housing, and a team of architectural MA students from Sheffield University.   See:   for more about the artist . This is something I would like to follow through after viewing  Jeanne’s previous work on urban renewal.  And finally Get your Biennial map and start walking or even running , fancy a discussion/debate while on the run ? Thierry Geoffroy invited me to join him  CRITICAL RUN….18th/19th Sept.  After the excitement of the launch of the Biennial today , St Georges Hall, the speeches and then  Renshaw street , Touched at the Bluecoat my legs finally gave in . I have 2 months to catch TATE, FACT and all the others at a steadier pace.. the crowds that attended the previews looked set to party on. Me ? Home and Bed.

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