Woolton in Bloom

Dropped by Woolton Village today, Sunday 19th September, and although a wet and dreary day the flower displays were doing their best to cheer up the village. Allerton also does this now with flower tubs in the street.

Flowers brighten a dull day

This is a great example of a community taking ownership of their streets in a colourful and uplifting way. David Cameron take note…..the Big Community is already here!

Woolton is also the home of the oldest cinema in the city, The Woolton Picture House. Really old fashioned inside and takes me back to my childhood. I’ve spent many evenings in here with my sisters and grandma. All our communities can learn from this sort of activity. Why not Speke in Bloom or Kirkdale in Bloom! Why not a neighbourhood competition?

At least it will cheer us up in these days of tightening belts!

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