Liverpool Heritage Open Days.

The weather was not kind yesterday but when sitting on a classic bus, going through the Mersey Tunnel it ‘s not a problem. We went to visit the Birkenhead Park Festival of Transport, armed with an umbrella we watched the Parade of Steam . The old vehicles are totally amazing , polished to perfection and what a variety, I liked the Llandudno /Colwyn Bay Tram nice picture in tonight’s echo! David enjoyed the Military vehicles (brought back memories) and watching the children on the vintage fairground rides reminded me of school holidays and the visiting Fairs ** years ago!  The weather did not bother them as they waved and smiled as they went merrily round.  We travelled back with our driver Ian on a 1980 ATLANTEAN it was not a North West bus (Liverpool) but from Carlisle . Some of the buses were 50 years old drawing interest from many spectators. The service was free of charge as part of the Heritage Open Days ,Merseyside Transport Trust was hosting a classic bus running day  . Worth looking out for next year !

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