Calendar Girls. Liverpool Empire.

Calendar Girls played to a full house. To a responsive and very appreciative audience. The well-known, experienced and very talented cast played their characters to the hilt ,I particularly enjoyed Rachel Lumberg ‘s  Ruth also Elaine C Smith as Chris was stong and believable. Joe McGann made a very sensitive and moving portrayal of John.  I didn’t realise that Susan Bovall took two different characters until I looked again at the cast list, that’s how cleverly she played both parts. The costume designer Jack Galloway got it right and the feeling that they were indeed just ordinary housewives came through except of course for Jennifer Ellison who could never be ‘Just an ordinary housewife’ and looked gorgeous all the way through. The ‘main ‘ scene that drew the most applause and gained the most attention was of course the Disrobing which was cleverly done with good humour and good taste and true to the film which also showed respect to the original W .I. Calendar girls. I enjoyed the play which was marred slightly for me in that I missed a lot of the quieter punch lines and some of the dialogue was lost in parts when the audience was laughing ,but obviously as lots of people were laughing that wasn’t a general problem.  ON till the 2nd October. If you enjoyed the film you will enjoy this.  for information.

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