Old Swan Community Event.

On Saturday , a cool but dry and bright morning a special group of people were in Old Swan Library Community Garden working to help make an impact on the ‘Health and Well Being’ of the people in the area. Taking the message to the people in the street (literally) Mark McKean the Neighbourhood Partnership Officer and a dedicated band of fellow workers made sure their message got to the residents of Old Swan. Councillors Berni Turner (whose initial idea it was to bring The Year of Health and Well Being Event to the area) and Gary Miller were there to give advice and pass on the message that ‘Prevention’ is every thing when thinking about a healthy lifestyle. Aided by Merseyside Police Constable Andy Lester and the Environmental Enforcement Team (Ron Turner) who “Aim to make Liverpool a Clean , Safe and Green city “. The important message of Cancer Awareness was delivered by Olufemi Olajide of the Liverpool NHS Primary Care Trust. Kate McCormack  and Gayle Coldron Community Engagement Officer (who doesn’t just hand out advice about healthy lifestyles but takes advantage of all that’s on offer….Great Zumba dancing Gayle!) they met with people in the garden to give help and support in the form of leaflets, telephone advice numbers,  also asking the residents what they thought would make Old Swan a better, healthier place to live. We are very lucky that we have such great teams of experienced , dedicated people working together to make Liverpool such a great place. The Year of Health and Well being I feel has been a huge success. I have seen lots of good work and events in and around the city, I’m sure the impact will continue into the future. For further information go to www.liverpool.gov.uk

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