thou, thee, thine and th’other….


Haven’t written in a while on account of adjusting to crazy working patterns-so sue me! Anyway, last night I went to see Anthony and Cleopatra at the Playhouse, starring Kim Cattrell. I went with my friend Kate and I thought we’d be loving it, but this goes to show that you shouldn’t go to anything with too many expectations. First off, I’d forgotten that it was a Shakespeare play and quite frankly we couldn’t understand a word of it (despite some fairly good acting from what I could make out).  Apparently my GCSE level knowledge of Cleo et al just didn’t cut the mustard when it came to following the plot either. Ah well! It was a pretty production and that’s about all I can say on that.

Kate’s written a play called ‘Ladies Day’ and it’s on at the Actors Studio, Peel St from 1st November. It’s her first play and I’m very proud of her, plus an anecdote I once told her has made it’s way into it so yey. It’s generally in the realms of ‘Brick Up’, ‘Bouncers’ and all those sorts of scouse-based storylines.

Leaving the Playhouse last night, I decided to sound like a massive git by saying that the Liverpool Empire was the ITV of theatre. Kate then said something that got me thinking.   In terms of what kinds of theatre your average schmo attends, she said ‘you can put on Shakespeare and the like, but at the end of the day people relate to what they know about’.

I suppose I’d previously thought that things like modern art or Shakespeare etc should be accessible to everybody and we should all occasionally stretch ourselves and try to understand it but I’m starting to think I was a bit naive there. Fine if you want to, but if you work hard all day and don’t have all the free time in the world, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a sure thing when you do decide to go out to be entertained. I can’t argue with that.

That said, we were both pleasantly surprised by another play in ‘ye olde english’ that I thought I’d hate. We’d seen ‘Tis a Pity She’s A Whore’ at the Everyman a few weeks before and despite thinking we’d end up leaving at intermission, ended up absolutely gripped by it and, probably owing to the great acting job, did end up sort of understand what they were going on about eventually. It had everything; murder, incest, all that jive….brill. Glad I went and surprised I liked it.

Off to the MOBO’s next week at the arena. I probably wouldn’t normally but I have always wanted to go to some sort of awards. It’s not my dream or anything, just curious.  I’ve already starting thumbing through the argos catalogue for appropriate ‘ice’ to wear.

Sorry if this whole entry makes little sense and the punctuation is shoddy but I’m cream crackered. Also I nicked the title off Kate so thanks dude!


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2 responses to “thou, thee, thine and th’other….”

  1. argybargy17 says :

    I thought Ant & Cleo was good!! See previous blog.

  2. Tex says :

    Glad to see you’re back. I’ve missed your posts and its good to see a bit of honesty. Keep ’em coming!

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