Lantern Fessie

This looks very cute.

I’ll definately go to it as I love seasonal things that remind you in the most obvious of ways what time of the year it is. Plus I’m intriegued by the idea of free runners dressed as skeletons. I sort of feel sorry for all those who hang around Sefton Park smoking funny ciggies; suspect they’ll definately be having a whitey night on the 31st…..

I also like the sound of illuminated giant puppets; sounds ace. I’ve been before (well, I was running round the park on Halloween night, as you do and I happened accross it) and I was impressed, which is no mean feat for me. They float loads and loads of lanterns on the lake, it’s like a freakin’ Queen video. In a good way, mind.


Do go-it’s on the of those free events that’s really worth turning up for! Plus you can thaw out in a Lark Lane pub afterwards. Nice.


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