Merseyside Army Cadet Force Awarded Freedom of City of Liverpool

An emotional ceremony today on Exchange Flags as the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Councillor Hazel Williams awarded the Freedom of the City to the Merseyside Army Cadet Force. For 150 years this organization has been working with young men and women to give them basic military training and, more importantly, skills and values that will help them become great citizens of this city. An accolade well deserved.

Cadets meet the Lord Mayor

Under the gaze of the Great War Memorial the cadets formed up to be inspected by the Lord mayor and then march off down Castle Street. The band played The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves as  Councillor Williams met the cadets.

Very emotional!

As someone who has a nephew on active service in Afghanistan it is important for me that we remember our service men and women at this time of year with rememberence day approaching. It would be great however if we could link these ceremonies to the Peace Monument we now have in Liverpool 1. As gaudy as it is it represents what almost all service personnel want, peace.

Well done to the volunteers who keep this important youth service going and great credit to the city for rewarding them in this way.


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  1. Kristal says :

    fab! Also, you may have convinced me to visit that installation, esp as it’s right next to work!

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