Liverpool Biennial – Laura Belem – The Temple of a Thousand Bells, 2010

This installation is in the Oratory next to the Anglican Cathedral.

On first encounter the 1000 glass bells suspended from the ceiling create a spooky effect as you see them as you enter the Oratory. The memorial at the rear of the space puts a macabre context on the whole piece. After a while, however, the bells shining in the light from the rooflight and the poetic soundtrack gives the whole installation a relaxing feeling. The choice of the Oratory for this exhibit was inspired.

The artist focuses this work on the relationship between past and present and again the memorial tablets in the building enhance this perfectly. This is perhaps the most accesible of the artworks in this biennial. Beautiful, peaceful and really made me meditate.

This is the first time I have been in the Oratory and what a beautiful building it is! Even if you’re not interested in the Biennial please take this opportunity to visit this gem designed by the Liverpool architect John Foster Junior.

Liverpool Biennial runs until 28th November. There is a visitor centre at the top of Renshaw Street and a free app available from iTunes.

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