Gushing and completely impartial review…..

Didn’t sleep much last night, so over-stimulated was I by the events of last evening so I’m now up early writing this.

I went to see my mate’s new play last night. I say new play…it’s the first she’s written. It’s on at the Actors Studio until 6th November which is a little theatre on Seel Street (see the link above for directions/details).

Anyway, all I can say is that it seems to be an astounding success, owing to lots of factors. It’s a brilliant script, it’s well-directed and the informal and intimate (tiny, really) nature of the theatre lends itself extremely well to generating a really great atmosphere. As a result, every single person in the audience last night seemed to be wetting themselves and that’s no mean feat.

So many things impressed me about it, including the brilliantly observed characters. It’s peppered with mild swearing which I always like, but in a satisfying and funny way rather than to garner cheap laughs. The whole thing was founded in realism to the extent where you could belive these conversations had really taken place (with all the boring bits taken out).

I’d like to say who stood out the most in this play but it’s one of those times where it’s just such a good ensemble that each of the million or so characters (it’s a big cast for a little stage) seemed to possess the same amount of comic value.

I know this is what you’d generally expect from a play, but when it’s been written by someone who’s only thus far had the one stab, it seems all the more impressive. Suffice to say that once it was over, I went to the tiny little loos and had to air-dry my eyeballs lest anyone see I’d had a micro-cry and take the mickey out of me. I then told a queue of ladies (who didn’t ask to be told) that it was Kate’s first play and that she was my best mate, probably to bask a bit in her reflected glory. She wouldn’t mind though.

Anyway, I’m going to stop gushing now except to say that it’s still on for the rest of the week so if you can pick up tickets and you want a laugh, get yourself there! Plus there’s a car park next door that appears to be free-bonus.

One last thing-went to the Big Bowl Noodle Bar on Berry St which is only around the corner. It’s the new Toykyou, I tells ye! In there, my friend Karen regaled me with a tale of how, whilst eating in Hope St the other night, an owl landed on a car outside and then just seconds later in walked professional weirdo David Guest. We ruminated on whether the owl was his familiar. It is Halloween, after all. Strange, no….?

Ladies Day is on at the Actors Studio until 6th November, tickets £10 (£7). Box office: 0151 709 9034

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