Autumn Days

‘I always find Fall the most contemplative of seasons’ Michael Scott tells a woman he’s trying to impress in The Office (the American one, which I like just as much to be honest).

Pulled up the last of the leeks I’ve been growing last night for tea, which means that the dream is officially over. Summer’s truly gone and now I have to cycle to work in the crappy weather.

What better way to celebrate one of the darkest times of the year of course, than to burn out our retinas with lantern festivals and firework displays?

I can’t go to the Sefton Park display tonight as I have to work until some ungodly hour. However, I did manage to get to the Lantern Festival there on Halloween and it was amazing. Everyone except me seemed to be dressed up as witches, pumpkins and the like.

They put on an amazing show depicting a giant animated lantern made to look like Death(the bloke, not the concept), floating along the river Styx (the lake). They even had him dipping a giant oar made entirely of lights into the water as he went. It was set to spooky music and  a choir singing nonsensical lyrics. I was  quite freaked out by it as an adult but let’s face it-if you’re six years old or so it would terrifying I’d imagine.

Anyway, that was followed up by a parade of lanterns that some of the locals had made, which was like a cross between The Wicker Man and a New Orleans funeral. Giant skull and skeleton lanterns floated above the procession while a ghostly jazz band belted out upbeat tunes. Surrealy good!

LOVE this time of year! Plus it’s a great excuse to buy lots of new clothes and eat too many sausages. At some point this weekend we’ll be firing up the chiminea and staring into the flames whilst drinking some cheeky red. Yeah!

Thanks to my date for the evening, Karen Choudhary for letting me use her awesome pics!

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