Hit me!

Tonight I’m off to see Hit Me! The Life and Rhymes of Ian Dury at the Everyman.

Struggled a bit to find anyone to go with me, but ever since watching one of those 100 greatest….coundown programmes about ten years ago (yes, they’ve been around that long) which happened to be about punk icons, I’ve always had a soft spot for him depsite not really liking his music that much. I suppose the things I like about him (and about that decade) is the fact that he wasn’t exactly a pin-up (none of them were) and at least he and his contemporaries had a crack at irreverence. I can barely think of anyone like that these days; the most contraversial performers are only really known for wearing weird clothes and pretending to have man-parts. I was born in the wrong time, I tell you.

So anyway, looking forward to it. I also like biographical stuff, even if they’re extremely biased and or some cases, made-up. Who cares? That’s entertainment.

Oh yeah, also seeing Sheffield’s finest,  John Shuttleworth on Saturday, also at the Everyman. It’s sold out which is a good sign. Bizarrely, I do recall that he’s played by Jilted John who sang ‘Gordon is a Moron’ in the seventies. The reason I know that is because of the aforementioned Top 100 Punk Icons programme from ten years ago. Strange, no?

This could go either way. I’ve checked him out on You Tube and I laughed a lot, but this may have been a fluke. There are lots of comedians these days who’s main schtick is amusing songs but this chap’s been doing it for yonks. It will either be bum-clenchingly awful or I’ll cry laughing. I’m going with Kate again and we normally end up sniggering like idiots anyway, for one reason or another.


Farewell my lovelies!

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2 responses to “Hit me!”

  1. argybargy17 says :

    Saw it last night and thought it was great. The actor who played Ian was stunning!

    Oy, Oy!!!

    • kristalclark says :


      -original message- Subject: [Liverpool cultural champions’ blog] Comment: “Hit me!”

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