le weekend de moi


I have a busy day today-off to see the Liverpool Roller Birds first home game at Greenbank Sports Academy in Aigburth this afternoon which I’m really excited about. Roller Derby is a sport where women skate round a track in two packs. The aim of the game is to block the opposing team’s ‘jammer’ (scorer) from getting through the pack and helping your jammer through at the same time. You do this via good old-fashioned violence, shunting girls off the track. It’s a blood sport. Sounds ace, no? In fairness, the sport has a sense of humour. Players adopt alter-egos with names such as Sissy Breakneck and Mallory Hard-Knox. It’s all good fun.

Off to hear John Shuttleworth sing songs about shopping trolleys and the like at the Everyman tonight. Should be a hoot.

I’ll let you know how it all went!

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