Liverpool City centre buzzing tonight. Great atmosphere , walking along Whitechapel so much going on, The Ladies Merseyside Harmony Choir singing Christmas carols ,some street theatre ,big birds and owls with trees depicting Winter.People on stilts in winter themed costume. At the corner of Church street Liverpool Community Choir with an upbeat selection of christmas songs. A very large Yak! yes a YAK! lumbering up Church street (well it was very realistic) lots of ‘ winter spirits’ in white and a huge white wolf , (manned by two people) all very much in character. Strolling musicians in fantastic snowy outfits and then the Sound Relay came down from The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic via FACT and into the Bluecoat where they drowned out another choir who very sportingly gave way and clapped to the rhythm of the band. And then into the Bluecoat where it was all happening. Bed-in at the Bluecoat, Dorothy installation (linked with a big screen  in Lime Street)  People hopping into bed all night , including ME. A collective call for Peace , ‘Two fingers to War’. fantastic response from the Liverpool people,well actually not just locals many visitors also took the opportunity to hop into bed and have their photo taken. I think it could make the Guinness Book of Records for the most people in one bed in one single night. Next I joined in with the Blueroom People , Thanks Becky, Veronica, Alice,Eddie and Donald for helping me to make a ‘Dream’s Rosette’ it was great fun and I wore it for the rest of the night. I tried to join in at the Print Studio but I couldn’t get near they were so busy made my way to the Bistro and listened to’ The Cheerful Sinners’   a lively duo . It was as advertised, FREE and FAMILY FRIENDLY. I finished the evening with a coffee and cake. (can recommend the Bluecoat Coffee bar) good value and good quality. I know there were many events all over the city and lots of people enjoying what was on offer. It’s good to be Back!

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2 responses to “LONG NIGHT FEVER!”

  1. Kristal says :

    Aaaw, sounds ace! Gutted!

  2. argybargy17 says :


    Agree it was a good night. We need more evening events like this, they bring a better class of hooligan into the city centre. I would support regular events like this throughout the year, maybe once a month. It changes the atmosphere on the city centre completely.

    Just one note of caution though. The music the sound relay did was a bit of a dirge. So dreary in fact that Krystal had an attack of the vapours and had to go home. Something along the lines of a New Orleans jazz band might have encouraged more people. I guess that’s art for ya!

    Overall a good night. More of this please, especially in the evening.

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