How Now Mrs Brown Cow on the Liverpool Empire

Brendan Carroll on the Liverpool Empire in How NowMrs Brown Cow
One of the funniest nights out for a long time, from beginning to end Mrs Brown kept us all in high spirits with his quick wit and old fashioned charm. The cast had a hard time keeping the mirth in (they didn’t) One look from Mrs Brown and they too were infected with the sheer joy of Mrs Brown’s performance. Any hiccups were very quickly ad-libbed into the plot, which totally adds to the whole performance. I laughed from the start to end, a great night a must see.
Mrs Brown is very soon to be seen on the BBC Thursdays. Brendan O’Carroll will be on the Billy Butlers show, Tuesday 2.30pm. Also enjoying the show in the audience was the new Liverpool player, what a great way for him to see scousers relaxing, having a laugh and sharing a great night out.

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