Well not literally! The new exhibition at the Bluecoat, ‘Underwater’ is different , not just visual but a little bit of fun, CUT and SCRAPE multi media SUBMARINE 2 is a mixture of visual ,auditory, and tactile art, and one of the volunteers described it as “whimsical” and I think thats a good description. I liked ‘Becoming Light’ by Bill Viola his Performance Underwater Art with performers John Hay ans Sara Steben is mesmeric.

One response to “THE BLUECOAT – UNDERWATER.”

  1. Tom Morley says :

    This exhibition seems to have received some mixed reviews, so i want to chalk one in the positive category:

    The curator Angela Kingston did a fantastic job, as did the bluecoat. – The synchronization of Underwater with Mark Anstee’s piece was a stroke of genius (and the prints by frequent printers).

    The pieces of video art by Dorothy Cross and Bill Viola are what really stood out for me, alongside Klaus Osterwald’s audio piece (the underwater conversations). Viola’s work has always been fascinating to watch but when combined with all the other pieces of work it seemed to raise its game. The feeling of floundering within the water as the video went on was emphasized around the room by the feeling of being ‘underwater’. – The constant echo of the submarine sonar (from Cut and Scrape’s Submarine ll), the sculptures, prints and photographs all creating a sense of being surrounded and indeed plunged into water.

    I really recommend going to see this work, it’s only in Liverpool till February, and it’s FREE! What more could you ask for?

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