ASTRID KIRCHHERR a retrospective ….has run from August and finishes on the 29th January. There are 17 more days left to go to see the work of this exceptional, talented photographer.  Yes she was in the right place at the right time, lucky? yes but Astrid Kirchherr had a gift, the ability to capture moods , feelings and humour through the lens of her camera. Her series of photos of the Beatles have made her famous , the very early images of the Beatles Fairground sessions in Hamburg , November 1960 are some of the first images and include (a very goodlooking ) Pete Best , original drummer and Stuart Suttcliffe sometimes called the 5th Beatle, these are very strong moody photos set against a fair ground rollercoaster almost prophetic when you think of the rollercoaster ride to fame that followed.  I liked the 1962 Black Portrait 11 Attic & 111. The sad, lost look in the eyes of John Lennon has been captured by this young woman after the death of their mutual friend Stuart Suttcliffe. Its a very strong image so moody and the lighting used so effectively. This is not a large exhibition but memorable for its subject matter and its connections to Liverpool and the ‘Fab Four’.  Now I wonder Why I left it so long to visit I also wonder Why Astrid Kirchherr sold all her camera equipment in the 1980’s???. Thanks to the staff at the VG&M, very helpful, very pleasant and informative, it’s a beautiful old building and worth a visit just to look around. Guided Tours 12:30 every Tues/Thursday all through Jan/February. And they serve great coffee and cake! and have a very comprehensive Menu. Admmision Free ,to all galleries.


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  1. Colin Fletcher says :

    Excellent description of the exhibition and location Barbara.

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