Well, ring a ding-ding!

Hey y’all!

I know it’s been ages since I last posted here, although it’s arrogant of me to assume anyone’s noticed but anyway, the reason is that I haven’t actually done anything you could consider cultural, unless you count binge drinking and eating mince pies for breakfast…that actually happened, you know.

It’s been an inauspicious start to the year so far, being that I’ve done very little. However the old brain cogs have been whirring away in the background and I’ve got some plans on the boil, to ensure that I don’t waste the last three months of my reign as Cultural Champion for South Central, oh yeah!

Last year I went to see my friend Kate perform stand up at various locations across Liverpool (and occasionally as far afield as Preston!) As you’d imagine, she’s very often the only girl performing and I can count on one hand the number of other girls I’ve seen doing stand-up.

Back in early 2010, I had a moan on here about this very issue, and the fact that the Funny Women awards Liverpool heat was so pathetically under-promoted as to discourage them from coming back to Liverpool (the self-proclaimed most humrous city, no less) ever again. I think it’d be a real shame to see the girls left behind.

So, with this in mind, Kate and I have decided to put on a showcase for all the best female stand-up we’ve got round here. Not to make any sort of political point,  but just to show people how good they are lest they be overlooked!

I can’t confirm any details at the moment, but rest assured I’ll be blackmailing/sleeping with as many important people as I can (whether they like it or not)  in order to ensure this goes ahead. Watch this space! In the meantime, I’m going to waste all Saturday afternoon on Guitar Hero…..productive.

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