The Friendship Experiment


I’m off to see this on Saturday at the Unity.

Just thought I’d mention it! I’ll write more about it at the weekend.

I was thinking about Paul’s poll on this blog regarding whether Ringo’s childhood home should be preserved. Well if we preserved every house that once contained someone famous I think it’d get out of hand. I like the Beatles but tire of the ceasless reverence of them. Didn’t they split up 40 years ago? Why don’t we just  carve their faces into some New Brighton sandstone, Mount Rushmore style….. so we could see them all the time!

See ya!



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One response to “The Friendship Experiment”

  1. Doug. says :

    Kristal, that is the most cogent argument i’ve heard to come out of Ringo House Gate saga so far. Let’s carve, knock down and move on.

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