Dovecot MAC Health & Wellbeing Day.

Another East Liverpool Event, another great opportunity for the community to sample/take part in local events. A great atmosphere and a warm welcome was extended to all who attended at Dovecot Multi Activity Centre today. Annie, Gayle, and Cathy thanks for my welcome and all your hard work to make the day successful. The ‘entertainment’ was provided by VIVA Dance School by teachers Amanda Farrell and Jill Schofield whose pupils aged 3 to 20 gave energetic displays of all types of dance, they use Pagemoss Baptist Church for training. CIC  it’s a non profitable organization run for young people ( folks they are looking for sponsors)  Richmond Fellowship were on hand to give advice on mental health problems , Lesley and Frances pointed out that the fellowship has supported accommodation and support in the home and deal with social inclusion. Trevor who teaches Tai Chi at the centre was inviting all to join his Tues.11.30 & Fri. 2.30pm classes it can be chair based/standing exercise.  Wirral based ENERGY PROJECTS PLUS is a very timely advice service, health through warmth, improving quality of life for vulnerable people. Phil ,  can help.   Lorraine Woods was ‘manning’ the FAG ENDS stall and pointed out that there are 60 groups day/evening all over Liverpool giving advice and 16 weeks of Nicotine replacement products (prescription charges only/free to over 60’s) Help line- free number 0800 195 2131  This works I know people who have given up smoking for 10 years with the help of Fag Ends. And Finally! as usual I end up talking about cakes, make the most fantastic cup cake in Liverpool . And as a chocoholic I can never resist ‘THE Chocolate Cellar’  best chocolate in Liverpool . Hanover St, chocolate to die for ,they also had a stall. Lots of  lovely things going on in our City and not just all that stuff going on down at the Empire there is more talent in Liverpool than just the entertainers!


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  1. Colette Forrest says :

    so how do I find out about these events in advance?

  2. barbarascultureblog says :

    I will add you into the email link

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