Iksa waran

That’s ‘hello, how are you?’ in Somali, fact fans!

Went to an event hosted by the Granby Somali Women’s Centre last week, celebrating their culture-specifically from the time that Somaliland had the old British empire breathing down their necks. Somali people came to Liverpool for the first time as merchants and seamen in the 19th century and then again during the 1950’s and 60’s.  The group a’re coordinating a heritage project which is no mean feat because Somali people have only started writing things down in the not too distant past, preferring to pass on their history through poems, stories and music.  Here‘s the website. Incedentally, Somaliland is not to be confused with Somalia, which is a bit mad. Find out why that was on the website! It’s very interesting. Anyways, there was some singing and dancing and also some ace curry offered up. Thank you, Somali Women’s Group! Yum.

Here’s a grainy phone pic of the action:

…evidently my blogging skills have not improved whatsoever since I began!! I am OK with this…..

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  1. Jack says :

    Great piece, Kristal.

  2. chouder says :

    Excellent Kristal really enjoyed reading that x

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