Winter Survival Event .Anfield Lighthouse.

If ever an event was more applicable to me it was todays. My combi boiler went kaput last Friday!  NO heating! NO hot water! for 5 days, several visits from repair men and the verdict was NEW Boiler. I feel sorry for people who have this  problem on a regular basis . BUT there are lots of people and agencies in Liverpool on hand to give out help and advice. This was a busy, event and very appropriate to the time of the year. I just missed out on the play performed to raise awareness of the dangers of unwanted callers especially to the old and vulnerable. Those present giving valuable advice, Liverpool Healthy Homes, deal with rented accommodation problems , advice on how to keep your home warm. the leaflets are full of good advice. Thanks Michelle for the warm non-slip socks. for mor info!  I need to get ready I have a meeting . Will give the rest of the advice later.

2 responses to “Winter Survival Event .Anfield Lighthouse.”

  1. Colette Forrest says :

    thanks for the advice but does everyone get a pair of socks or is it just you!

    • barbarascultureblog says :

      I will pass on my pair of socks to you, the freebies include fruit, water, tastes of healthy snacks, Health MOT’s and much more! free to all who attend!

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