ISU European Skating Championships. Bern (SUI)

Having a good day glued to the TV. Watching the Ladies Short Skating Programme. A very high standard of skating this year. Loving it on Eurosport. Nicky Slater and Chris Howarth are do a great job with the commentating. I have known  both of them and followed their very varied skating career since they were young. They have a long pedigree of skating. Ice Dancing, Free skating both British Champions in their own field and an impressive list of European/World Championships , representing Britain in the Olympics and competions all over the World. OH ! and have I mentioned we can technically claim Nicky as a Scouser as he was born here!   AND the Free Dance  is back on tonight on Eurosport 6.30 to 9.30 the remote control is MINE !   And WHY do we not have an Ice rink in Liverpool?????

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