I am skint. Really skint. It’s my own fault-blew all my wages in the first week on stuff I can’t remember buying, didn’t I? We’ve all done it (except for the sensible ones). So I haven’t really been anywhere all month, except to work and back.

With payday fast approaching, I’ve lazily read the 08 Card team’s weekly email and picked some good shows to go to:

Saw this advertised a while ago and really want to go-I know, I’m possibly not their chosen demographic but I love Cabaret and have an embarrassing habit of watching bio shows about bygone celebrities. Especially the ones one took loads of booze and pills. So sue me!

Also going to see Tell Tell Theatre’s production of George Orwell’s 1984 next week (that should be an uplifting date night), as written about by Paul in this blog.

The Unity Theatre seem to be putting on some curious shows and I’d like to see one of them. Nursing Lives, I get the impression, is performed without any speech going on, so could go either way for me. As the performers also wear masks, it could possibly bring to mind all those foreign stop motion animations they used to always play on BBC2 when you were a kid. Hmmmm….

They’re also showing And The Horse You Rode In On which sounds ker-azy. I would like to see this.

In other news, preparations for the comedy showcase kindly hosted and compered by Pauline Daniels at her Liverpool Actors Studio are underway-it’s going to be on 13th March which is a Sunday and will showcase the best of upcoming female stand up in the city. It’s also for charidee (The Lily Foundation). I’ll write more next week. Exciting!

….until we meet again.

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