Shakespeare 4 Kidz. Midsummer night’s Dream.

Is this a dagger I see before me!   Oh no wrong play!. Midsummer night’s Dream promised Fairies and Fun, Royalty and Romance, Magic and Misunderstanding ,Well it had all of them and More! It was brilliant the kids loved it and so did I,  the young  audience were very responsive  joining in when encouraged.  What a  pity it wasn’t a full house the cast deserved it.   The whole cast gave 100% and the feeling was so strong that they too were enjoying the performance as much as the audience.   Nine year old Sofia told me she enjoyed Puck’s performance best (Noel Andrew Harron)” he was so funny”  and she was thrilled to be able to speak to the ‘Fairy’ Claire Coultry during the interval .  I enjoyed the collective perfofmances of  ‘ the Working Men’ and their energetic dancing and antics.  When this company return to Liverpool I think every school should go to see what ever play they are performing . Shakespeare4Kids supplies educational services from ‘infants to INSET’ across the UK


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