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Been doing my volunteering at the tourist information centre today, It was very busy with lots of tourists in the city centre. Many Spaniards ( I like that as I get to practice my Spanish) there seemed to be lots of French in school groups and it was nice talking to them and their host families , they seemed very interested in Liverpool and the Beatles. It never ceases to amaze me though when some (admittedly young person) asks “who are these” when looking at the Beatle souvenirs mainly because of the amount of visitors who come solely because of the Beatles. It’s also good to introduce scousers to what is available on their own doorstep and there is so much on at the moment, A friend of mine recommended ‘A Collector’s Eye.’ Cranach to Pissarro, on at the Walker Art Gallery 18th Feb to 15th May 2011, Quote! Magnificent!!! so today on his recommendation I have been handing out leaflets. There are many free events coming up the leaflet is available from the 08 Place, or for more info go on facebook.com/walkerartgallery or follow twitter @livemuseums, use the #faveart hashtag to interact. This is my next on my list of things to do. And it is so nice to meet friends I haven’t seen for years. Adam visiting (home) from London and to know that our young people still fly the flag for Liverpool and make us proud of them. Nice to see you Adam have a good visit. I enjoyed my day today in liverpool.

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