Sitting Bull. Otterspool Prom.

Well it’s so big it’s hard to miss, But I don’t know any thing about this!   Although I did hear a story (true? false?) on Radio Merseyside,  this came up as a question to Frank Carlyle, Liverpool historian extraordinaire . Frank told a tale from 1901 when Wild Bill Hickock. Big Chief Sitting Bull, Annie (get your gun) Oakley & CO came to Liverpool, Wavertree Park to give a performance of their riding/shooting skills. Now I know they performed in Britain , in front of Royalty at a London Venue sometime in the past . But is this the missing Link to the mystery of what is this Statue doing on Otterspool Prom?  Must get in touch with Frank and Radio Merseyside.


3 responses to “Sitting Bull. Otterspool Prom.”

  1. Tom Rubio says :

    I’m assuming the account is false. My assumption is based on the fact that Chief Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Lakota was murdered a full 11 years prior, in 1890.

    My sister recently did an ancestry search and found that my grandmothers grandfather was Hercules Lambert, grandson of the great Tatanka-Iyotanka ~ Sitting Bull. I’m proud to have learned he was my great great great great Grandfather.

  2. barbarascultureblog says :

    Thats some family history Tom, Thanks for the info.

  3. Doug. says :

    Tom that’s really interesting and would love to hear more about these amazing family ties.

    Barbara, maybe Frank needs to get his facts straight!

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