Held at the Creative Campus, Liverpool Hope University in the inspiring Cornerstone Building . Over 100 delegates from all over the North West ‘s leading Arts councils, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Health Authorities , Theatres and many more organizations came together. Their aim to learn , network  and share the effects and advantages  of  ‘The Arts ‘  on the Health and Wellbeing of  all areas of the Community.  As a layperson and “guinea-pig” in a Culture experiment I could identify and connect with the ‘info and messages given out loud and clear from conference speakers. Professor Lynne Frogett and Gerri Moriarty shared their experience, evidence and approaches to how all types of  Arts and Health activities can contribute to wellbeing. The good point was that there is evidence , documentation, statistics (and visual evidence, the videos were very positive) as  to how the arts induce change.  I underline that point, personal experience has proved to me that interaction with all the arts is particularly uplifting. I love music, any music and always feel uplifted after a concert at the Phil or a show at the Empire , amateur / school events have the same effect they make me Happy!  Mark Burns , author of ‘ Sex and Drugs and Rock and ……Health’ , gave a very interesting take on How music and popular culture can help reduce health inequalities.    A very informative day. My thanks to ‘Bill’ for making us so comfortable, for feeding us such delicious and healthy food, I can recommend this venue for all types of events!  and a final big thank you to Nick Birkinshaw for the wonderful welcome and keeping the whole day (with the team) flowing so smoothly. I enjoyed and gained so much from this conference. I’m aware that so much went into this event from so many people I hope they feel free to add to this to do justice to the speakers and the venue.

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  1. Gayle Coldron - Community Engagement Officer LPCT says :

    Yes I have to agree, the setting for this conference was most beautiful and the weather was an additional treat. The food was glorious, but most of all I was pleased to hear such positive messages regarding Arts and Health but also it was great to hear Alison Farrer from ChaMPs talk so positivity about the Governments plans. For me working in the PCT it was a much needed breath of fresh air. Also the GP, Dr Riley was it? he was very positive towards getting patients in to Arts etc rather then anti depressants etc.

    For once at a conference I went in with one mind set and came out thinking in a completely different way!

    Well done Mersey Arts and Health!

  2. Doug. says :

    does anyone know if this event is going to be a regular occurance, as I missed this and would have really enjoyed attending.

    • nick birkinshaw says :

      Thanks Barbara and Gayle for being there, and for positive comments.
      Doug, if you e-mail your details to me at I’ll keep you informed of other conferences and arts health things happening.
      Nick Birkinshaw

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