Garra Fufa “Doctor Fish”

Today instead of having fish for breakfast I WAS THE FISHES BREAKFAST. At  A Beauty and Fish Spa we had an early date with lots of tiny Turkish fishes.  These little fellows really know their job and gently nibble away at dead skin on your feet. The result is fantastic , silky,smooth, soft skin and a great feeling , brand new feet. The leaflet states that you will feel a tickly, tingling sensation and this is true . I laughed as they moved around and between my toes it really did tickle and is an experience not to be missed. My husband David also went and was really pleased ” Good, Iv’e never known my feet to be so smooth” was his verdict.     Katie and her team looked after us really well and in the decade of Heath and Well being  we left the salon with a sense of well being and ‘invigoration’ .  I can fully recommend this Fish Spa Therapy and at the moment there are numerous Special Offers to be had.  One specially for chidren’ LITTLE MISS FISH SPA PARTIES’ , (try saying that fast)  this includes make up with diamonds, hair design, buffet and party games . The ultimate in childrens birthday parties!   Verdict. Try it , it’s  great  fun.

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