The Scottish Play

Off to see this next week, can’t wait! I really can’t have enough murder for my money, whether I understand the lingo or not:

It’s also Light Night on Friday which was ace last time around, so whether you’ve anything on or not I’d suggest you get into town armed with a program, downloadable here.

It looks really good so check it out.

Saturday lunchtime I will be participating in a panel discussion on the role of women in comedy at the Bluecoat. I’m not really qualified to do such a thing but hey, I’ve got a big mouth and I was invited so I’m gonna! If you want to see a dry-mouthed rambling woman talking about that, thankfully flanked by sensible people who actually have  a point to make, then come down.

The Funny Woman awards 2011 has thankfully returned to Liverpool again and it’s also hosted by the Bluecoat. It’ll be awesome! Winners could go through to the final at the Theatre Royal, London which is quite exciting.

Adios for now, amigos!

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