Macbeth at the Everyman

Went to this last night and I’m going to tell you about it-

If I had to use one word to summarise last night’s performance, it would probably be ‘cor!’ There’s something about ye olde military costume that can make a usually plain man look fiiiiine! Anyway, I digress…..

It’s only a shame that I had to go to the loo halfway through the first half and then watch the rest from behind a curtain at the back of the theatre, for fear of disturbing everyone on the way back to my seat. D’oh!

I do struggle somewhat with Shakespeare but I’d read the synopsis on Wikipedia beforehand so I wasn’t completely lost. In retrospect this was a great idea because it was the actions onstage rather than the words that let me know what was happening. I liked all the performances but the ones that stood out were those of (not using their real names as I’m too lazy to look them up) McDuff, Macbeth’s mate Banquo and (I think) the king’s son Malcolm. Malcolm? Doesn’t sound like a very Shakesperian name me! But what do I know….

Kate, my regular theatre buddy, commented that in her opinion, Lady Macbeth should have been more shrew-like. Lady Macbeth convinces her husband to murder the king so that he can take his place. Some would say a subtle performance, I’d say she didn’t have enough madness in her eyes for my liking either.

Anyway, a great night overall. Lots of murder, fight scenes and the like. A must-see, as they say!

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