Young People’s Music Provision in Liverpool (Part Two) The Performance!

Today at this event were three very different styles of performance and music from young musicians. It was opened by Future (did I get that right) a  young guy rapping . I not a fan of rap music (must be an age thing? ) but this music and words came from the heart and soul ,he believed in it and it showed. Well written and performed ‘ The Future’s in your ears’ I think I got the message ???   Next 50 young guitarists took over the stage. St. John’s Primary School ,Walton, Sessions Road, with Mel and (Mr) Rooney , Jean Tremarco and team, gave a very enthusiastic  performance of  Wild Thing and Don’t Worry (about a thing). Loved it , must have taken lots of work for the Year 4 pupils , Well done. And last but definitely not least a young people’s string quartet who played with great skill during our lovely afternoon tea. I didn’t get the names of these very able young musicians but I have a feeling they are from the Phil’s Youth Orchestra , must find out. But it was lovely to hear all three performances . Congrats every one. Let me know if you enjoyed performing? you were given a great reception.


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