Young People’s Music Provision in Liverpool.

Over One hundred people gathered together in the Contemporary Urban Center, Greenland Street,   L. 1.. ( Great building ! )  It was good to see so many dedicated , knowledgable people all with a passion for music sharing their thoughts and expertise. My friend said as long as they don’t ask you to sing or play any instruments you will be O.K.  Can’t sing or play but I truly appreciate all styles of music, Love it in fact . Music can make me Happy! Music can bring me to tears and I have great respect for those who have spent the long hours  in practice to get to the level required for public performance. And respect for those who teach and inspire  the young  people to play, sing , perform.  The partnerships to enable all this to happen in Liverpool is varied. Liverpool City Council, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Liverpool Music Support Service , Liverpool Youth and Play Service, Youth Music and ACME.  It takes many people to keep Liverpool  at the top of British Music and I am confident that is where we are!.  Part of today’s brief was to find out what is on offer to Liverpool Parents and children . Just google , liverpoolmusicalmaps to see the wealth of opportunity.  Gordon Ross . Director.    Jonathan Dickson  , |Head of Liverpool Support Service ,   welcomed us and gave us some fact and figures on the staggering  numbers of youngsters learning an instrument in Liverpool, I feel its something to be proud of but such is the enthusiasm of the people involved they are not satisfied and strive to bring music to the greater community. To deliver MORE and BETTER  opportunities, to deliver and develop more progression routes to young people of exceptional musical talent. That was the overall feeling I have taken away from this event. Some questions were raised , why is the Liverpool Performing Arts Festival not happening this year?  can any one give the answer to this? Such a shame if it does not take place.  I have been invited to Merseyside Youth Association  Ltd to see the good work going on there with Sam Owusu Music Champion and his enthusiastic team. Also Liverpool Lighthouse has a performance soon ,got to get the details yet but looking forward to it. Thanks to Alicia.Sam and Graham for including me today. Very interesting and worthwhile. Please add to this if someone has been missed out. I’m now going to blog about todays entertainment, It deserves a separate blog!


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  1. Graham Boxer says :

    Excellent review Barbara – your a natural!

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