The Three B’s at the Philharmonic Hall , Liverpool.

What a combination!   The ‘Dream’ Team of   BARBER, BALL, and BILK .  Three musicians who have stood the test of time and turned into legends in their own lifetime.  Kenny Ball on trumpet, Chris Barber on trombone and Acker Bilk on clarinet = MAGIC.  All the favourites and hits were played as well as trad jazz .  Acker Bilk and his Paramount jazz Band played his famous hit ‘Stranger on the Shore’  , I like his version of ‘Only you’ but it wasn’t played last night. With his trade mark’ Bowler Hat’ and some clever mood lighting that threw his silhouette onto the side walls of the magnificent Phil it was an unforgettable performance. Chris Barber the Jazz and Blues legend was well received  , ‘ As we like it’ was a familiar tune and was just how the Liverpool audience liked it. (I liked the  Banjo solo).     Kenny Ball took over the stage with all his usual humour and showman- ship  at 81 years of age the guy is still fantastic!   With his jazzmen he was amazing , we loved his selection of  favourite hits and other traditional music , which included  1962 hit,   ‘Midnight in Moscow’,  March of the Siamese Children, The Jungle Book favourite, I wanna Be Like You,  Mood Indigo and another  piece that had the audience cheering called Tocatta  & Fugue in D minor, ( Bach) an amazing take on the classic.  What was obvious was the respect, the camaraderie, the humour these musicians shared, they openly acknowledge each other talent and give full attention to each other during solos and there were many Fantastic solos.  All these musicians have aged and like fine wines they are better than ever.  Even if you are not ardent Jazz fans you would loved this concert and these people are still playing all over the country and making recordings together.  I came home and went on YOU TUBE just to prolong the music. Came across  a video from 22nd of July 2009 with Barber and Ball its good to see , an interview on television with all the charisma and friendship  of the two musicians much in evidence. As you can tell I loved the whole concert,


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