Museum of Liverpool. 3rd Visit !

Yes my third visit in 14 days.  The same reaction each time, what a fantastic building !  All my visitors have loved it. I haven’t actually made it all the way round as there is so much to see, and there are so many visitors it is difficult to move. The atmosphere is great . it’s a bit like ‘ All our Yesterdays’ ,  when visiting with my brother one man was proudly pointing out an image of his father from W.W. Two.  We looked at photos of Bessie Braddock who visited our house when we were young , it brought back good memories.  I am looking forward to seeing the Overhead Railway display ( Docker’s umbrella)  . I loved riding on that as a child.  On Saturday during my volunteer stint in a very busy 08′ Place (tourist info office Whitechapel.) We had lots of visitors asking about the new museum, I think its going to be a great success with scousers and visitors alike.

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