Ferry Across the Mersey.

Yes , I think it’s a good day for a cruise on the River Mersey. My Australian visitors are enjoying all that Liverpool has to offer. Also getting out and about in Wales, (so close to Liverpool)  Southport , Garstang to name a few.  We went to Maritime and Slavery Museum which they found very interesting and also they went to the Aparthied exhibition which they found quite sad and depressing. After living in South Africa for a few years  (in the mid sixties) they viewed the images and felt that nothing had improved for any of the citizens of that country. Except for a few in power. International Slavery Day is coming up very soon with some events in Liverpool but for those who haven’t been the above exhibitions are a worthwhile visit.  More events planned for the Ferries in August and September. 7th Aug. Mersey Pirate Muster. leaves Pierhead at 12.30.   Liverbird Wildfire Discovery Cruise. (for bird watchers) 18th Aug/ 3rd& 15th Sept.    Also 7th Aug , Arts/Craft/ & Vintage Fair at Woodside Ferry Terminal

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