My week of Legends

Wasn’t I a lucky girl this week? Oh me oh my. Observe:

Dolly Parton at the Echo Arena

Weds I went to see the sublime Ms Parton. Having failed to find anywhere to eat either in the Albert Dock or Liverpool One, we fuelled up on a scone at John Lewis cafe. Sad. She was as awesome as you’d expect and played a variety of instruments including saxaphone, which was quite strange to behold. Wowser! Drunken exclamations of ‘we love you, Dolly!’ rang out from a sea of glittery stetsons. I bought a t shirt for a very reasonable twenty rips and then got very drunk indeed and possibly offended a waitress in Circo, although I suspect she was just having a bad day. Long story….

Jimmy Cliff at the Philharmonic

Having spent all day being sick (nice image for you there), I failed to get anyone to accompany me so went alone which worked because I wasn’t feeling too sociable. Invited to pre-show drinks which I couldn’t take advantage of. Bleugh.

The Philharmonic is one of those venues where frequently I see that the audience feel comfortable to express their enjoyment through shouting, dancing and singing-not a shrinking violet to be seen. I’m not sure if it’s the venue itself or the fact that the Phil host very established acts and the audience is made up of long-term fans. Either way, it’s lovely.

Some people don’t like reggae-I believe they’re called idiots (not really. Well actually yes, really). Sir Jimmy’s songs have a philosophical vibe; if you’ve got a problem, there’s bound to be a Jimmy Cliff song that’ll provide the answer. Try it today!

In a nutshell, energetic performance, sang much better than his Glasto show (bit off key I thought) and the million-piece band provided an amazing full sound. Plus he played The Harder They Come and Wild World, crowd pleasers both. No new album stuff, Hurrah!

And now to bed. Need to dry out before the weekend….Nighty night, campers.

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