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Watching Last Night of The Proms and releasing a constant parade of daddy longlegs back into the wild. At what age did it become acceptable to do this on a Saturday night?  Hmmm?!

My other half said that for years, a friend’s parents went on holiday at this time of year and so their ilicit house parties used to involve watching LNOTP after all the mad dog and cheap cider had been consumed. Only on the Wirral.

I love the idea of an end of summer party though;  it’d be bitter-sweet. There’s a sense of everyone packing up and going home for the year at the end of Summertime. That’s it-fun’s over! Time to freeze your face off.

That’s not strictly true though. I’m already excited about the lantern festival at Sefton Park, fireworks and all the Christmas markets and ice rinks I keep saying I’m going to get drunk at, year after year. It’s going to happen this December!


So put the date in your diary now, 10th September 2012 for the end of Summer party, chez moi. And bring a jacket!

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