Democratic Promenade at The Bluecoat

This is exactly what the title says, a promenade of democratic and radical events mixed with the art that mediated them over the last 100 years.

Really brought back memories of my time as a member of the CPGB in the 80’s. Great cartoons by Brian O’Toole and copies of the Liverpool Free Press reminded me of what an angry place Liverpool was back then.

One of the rooms showcases the work of the late Adrian Henri. His performance art would shock and provoke even today.

Much missed!

In the upper gallery is a great photo of The Chants with The Beatles at Liverpool Town Hall. They went on to become one of Liverpool’s greatest bands, The Real Thing!

Anyone wanting to understand this place should visit this exhibition.

Running until Sun 27th November, admission free, at The Bluecoat.

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