BBC Radio Merseyside Cuts

I don’t want to get too political but can anyone answer the question why has the most listened to local radio station outside London had a 20% cut in funding but Radio 4 gets off scot free?!

Radio Merseyside plays a huge role in the life of our city and has showcased loads of new talent. It will be a real loss to the promotion of culture in Liverpool and the Merseyside region should this service be diminshed.

Sorry, The Archers will be no substitute for this vital local service.

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2 responses to “BBC Radio Merseyside Cuts”

  1. Phil says :

    You can listen to The Archers on a Sunday morning on Radio 4 and it is so PC now it is boring. Local radio without the adverts is a great service, would it not save money to move out of the City to a place in the suburbs, do they really need a city centre base?

  2. argybargy17 says :

    Phil, controversial comment but worth considering. Why not a studio on an industrial park in Speke? Certainly cheaper!!

    Why aren’t the BBC considering solutions like this is my question.

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