Patrick and Friends visit ‘Another Place’.

Saturday , cold,  bright, and sunny , perfect day to be on the beach at Crosby (if you have a nice warm coat.) Especially if you are going to see the Antony Gormley statues. ‘ Another  Place’   100 cast iron , life size figures stretching three kilometers along the beach and one kilometer out to sea. Each statue weighs 650 kilo and is made from casts of the artists own (nude) body.  Patrick and our German friends found the whole experience “very impressive” they enjoyed the art, the beach, and took lots of photos that will remind them of their Liverpool visit.   It is fitting that this work of Antony Gormley is in Liverpool as the statues are associated with emigration and the sadness of  leaving home for ‘Another Place’ with hope for the future .  Liverpool nearly lost this unique work of art but was saved by the generosity of people and local firms.  They will now stay in Liverpool.  If you haven’t seen them it’s a  ‘must do’ and if you haven’t seen them at sunset it’s worth another special visit.

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2 responses to “Patrick and Friends visit ‘Another Place’.”

  1. Patrick Kreyenborg says :

    that´s right Barbara, very nice beach out there. Bit windy as we traveled there, but the sun did it´s job!

    greets from London

    p.s.: watch out ur e-mail inbox. I´ll send you a picture from that visit now!

  2. fashionsastranger says :

    Yes, I agree, it’s a fantastic day out :) I just went a few days ago!

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