Liverpool getting ready for Christmas !

Half term and Liverpool city centre was very busy today. A nice bright sunny afternoon with shoppers sitting out enjoying a coffee at many of the coffee bars, very continental!   BUT I heard my first Christmas Carol in a shop in Liverpool One and all the   ‘deckies’  are up in John Lewis (very pretty)  . The Christmas lights are up (are they lit at night ??)  and it’s only 25th of October. Looks like they are putting up the Christmas  stalls and possibly an Ice Rink at Liverpool One , I must find out.  I visited Globus Language Academy , near the Bluecoat, Compton House, it is a nice spacious unit , light and airy a good place to be if you are a student of  languages.  Especially when you are being  tutored by Daniel Wilke, who puts 100%   into the success of  the academy and the well-being of the students who are visiting our city , no wonder they all like Liverpool.

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2 responses to “Liverpool getting ready for Christmas !”

  1. jediSwiftPirate says :

    omg i really admire BACON!

  2. Patrick Kreyenborg says :

    True Story!!

    Thanks a lot, barbara! Daniel told me u went there yesterday and brought him the jumper! :)

    Greeting to Tuebrook (: missing that place a bit! :[

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