Walk for Health , Anfield Community Corner.

Today I went on a walk with community health champions , and health workers, and residents of Anfield, families and friends.   Thanks to Tom Murphy , leader and Claire for encouraging me it was a positive experience on a nice sunny day, perfect for a walk . There was a health quiz, and healthy snacks and a health talk. All very inspirational. Enjoyable.   Next Tuesday at 1.30pm will be the second event .We were given  pedometers to count our steps . Daily steps should work out about  10,000 ?????  would love to be able to do it    PSS Inovation that Changes Lives.  Based at ABCC  Community Corner, Lower Level  Richmond  Park, Liverpool ,L6 5AD

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One response to “Walk for Health , Anfield Community Corner.”

  1. Tom Murphy says :

    Thanks Barbara, I’m really glad you enjoyed the day. Our aim is to get people a little more active and out, in the fresh air meeting new people. We will be meeting every Tuesday at 1.30 pm in the ABCC, everybody is welcome to join on the free local walks. If you would like more information please give me a call on 07595 863 187.

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