Anfield Community Corner Walks Again.

The second walk for health with ABCC took place today.  I enjoyed it despite the miserable weather.   (Last week was beautiful)   We walked a little further this week  and our walk took us through Stanley Park to the Isla Gladstone Conservatory were we had a rest and a cup of coffee  ( no cakes)  though they looked very tempting. There is a lovely cafe in the conservatory with a very comprehensive menu at competitive prices.  The conservatory has been beautifully restored and converted with much care,  a Victorian glass house which is just right in the setting of the park which itself has been restored and although the rose gardens have finished for the year there is still lots of work taking place and it is looking more open and accessible than I remember.   Weddings and other events are licensed to take place in which is a beautiful (and warm) venue.   After our rest, we walked back around the lake (sorry to disappoint you  ducks, I’ll take bread next time)  We walked back to ABCC   by which time I admit I was well and truly finished and thank you Tom for the much-needed hot drink and rest.  I felt as though I had completed a marathon  but this small walk was an achievement for me and I need the help and encouragement of the rest of the group . I wouldn’t have attempted it on my own. SO , if you need company and motivation for a healthy exercise/ walk  next week we will be doing it again. Tuesday , 1:30 , 15th Nov. Thanks for the company folks , Tom, and Kathy for your support and encouragement . See you next week. ( My joints should have recovered by then !!!)

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  1. Tom Murphy says :

    Thanks again for another great post Barbara, you have captured what the aim of the PSS Health Champion Walking Club is all about which is getting a diverse group of people out in the fresh air together who can offer support to eachother along the way, appreciating what is good about our local area. I would like to say big thank you to Frank Ford a PSS volunteer who has set up the club and is now a trained walk leader. Frank will be leading the group on it’s future walks around the city. Also a thanks to all that took part on yesterdays walk. I look forward to see the group grow each week with new faces and where the next walk will take us…

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