Walk for Health, Mark 3 .

Another nice day for our walk  from ABCC.  I’ve just heard on TV that this is the warmest November for many years and yes it was warm for the time of the year and I did a strip!!!!! took my scarf off!   Not a long walk today and we were re-routed by the police ( an accident)  but we set a good pace , our little group I think are getting quicker , well most of them with me bringing up the rear but I finished which is an achievement.  Then back to Anfield Community Corner for a welcome cup of tea/coffee , Thanks Michelle. It’s good to have company , I wouldn’t do a walk on my own but having company and support makes a difference and more enjoyable (especially watching Jean walking through the Autumn leaves having fun ) Simple pleasures , a sunny day, company, a walk,  what more can we ask for.

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One response to “Walk for Health, Mark 3 .”

  1. Michelle Corrigan says :

    Thanks for another great Blog Barbara, really enjoying reading your reports on our weekly walks!

    Yesterday was another great day for it, we really have been lucky so far with the weather, fingers crossed it continues that way although i won’t hold my breath, this is the UK after all!!

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