The Mighty Zulu Nation arrives in Liverpool!

The Mighty Zulu Nation hit one Merseyside school with the power of an atomic bomb this week! Members of the Zulu team who are all accomplished singers, actors, dancers and musicians brought a day of magic to Primary children when they put on their showcase compilation performance. Sessions involving around 75 pupils at a time revolved around themes such as tribal dance, drumming, singing and a finale afternoon show for all, including parents.

Liverpool City Culture Champion André Olchowski says “This is the fifth year MZN Theatre Company have been booked into schools; always by popular demand. The culture brings a fantastic wealth of knowledge that the children just absorb. The buzz lasts for weeks and weeks. Every school should have them on their agenda – it just brings theatre alive! This team certainly engages with the audience and breaks down barriers. Children in the schools from 5-11 years are excited by and drawn into the magical world of the Zulus. MZN have their finger on the pulse and know what can open doors and entice our younger generation into the world of culture today.”

The MZN Theatre Company can be contacted at: or by emailing

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