As one door closes, one opens…..

When I retired, I was told ‘as one door closes, another opens’ so I thought it appopriate to visit the ‘Liverpool Doors’ exhibition by Roger McGough at the Museum of Liverpool.  At the museum the reception told me the exhibition was on the first floor and when I had finished to ‘shut the door’, but which one!  The 26 donated doors from such place as Liverpool and Everton football clubs to the Everyman, all had their own original message and themes, some in rhyme and some not, all bring a smile or a chuckle.  I thought this exhibition was colourful and light hearted and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After a quick bite and drink at the Pump House off to see Rebecca Ferguson on the Philharmonic.

The Philharmonic bar was buzzing with a mixed audience of children, families, young and old, like us.  Rebecca  looked great as she came on stage at her home venue.  She seemed so relaxed and happy and moved around the stage confidently.  Here songs sounded even better than on the radio.  The backing group did her proud.  She was so natural as she sang her way through her own new repitoire of songs dedicating the ‘Nothing’s real but love’ to all her family and friends who made up a considerable part of the audience.  Rebecca well deserves her success, she was so professional, warm and gave a memorable show.  Great night!

One response to “As one door closes, one opens…..”

  1. zmaths14 says :

    Knock, knock. Who’s there? A quite impressed reader. Can’t wait to visit the doors and have them ‘light my fire’ too ;-)

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